Dean Hughes Partners

Dean Hughes Partners Group is a Toronto based investment and banking group with particular focus on making and actively managing direct investment in North America, Europe and Asia, both as principal and on behalf of selected coinvestors. We seek to acquire an equity stake in companies with growth perspectives, usually in the form of pre-IPO funding, with a view of assisting them with their continued development managerial and strategically and ultimately securing a realization of our investment through flotation or sale.

After a few days of discussions between me and my client, Howard Vernon Dean Hughes Partners Group owner, we were able to fully customize the website. In my life, I have worked with over 700 clients. So far, no client has received such a clear guideline as Howard Vernon. He is my first client that gave me the most clear instructions and guidelines.


Best Hosting & Domains:

These are my personal recommendations based on years of using them for my own projects, including based on opinions from my clients and their own usage.

My Company: Growmek LLC

Project Description

Client: Howard Vernon
Budget: $300
Country: United States
Duration: 8 Days

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